• Phantom Frost Book CoverAug 1 2019Alfred

    Phantom Frost, the first in a series of books set in the Project X universe, is coming to Amazon this fall. The finishing steps are underway, including the book cover, which is looking great.

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  • Bird Bomb UpdatedApr 9 2019Alfred

    The first update to Bird Bomb in almost three years is now live on Google Play (version 1.7.1). This release increases the number of targets, upping game play intensity, plus adds some visual improvements, and support for 64-bit CPUs. The BlackBerry version has also been updated with some of the same improvements; first update in almost five years. That version is still waiting for review approval.

  • New WebsiteApr 5 2019Alfred

    Today I've launched the new website I've been working on over the past few months in preparation for the new Wurreal game, code named, Project X, and associated novel. It's still under construction and details on the new game have been omitted as I'm still keeping the details under wraps until closer to launch.