• PC, console, mobile games

    Wurreal Games develops video games for Windows, Linux and OS X, game consoles, and mobile devices.

    Check out my previous title, Bird Bomb, on Google Play and BlackBerry World

    Stay tuned for further details on Project X, the new game I've been working on for personal computers and game consoles.

  • Read the book

    Project X - soon to be a novel

    Find out how it all started. Stay tuned for the release of the book, Project X, on Amazon Kindle and Apple Books.

  • Support

    If you’re experiencing issues with, or concerns about, a Wurreal Games game, please send an email to Support.

    Please note, solicitations sent to this email address will be marked as spam and disregarded.

  • Wurreal Games Founder

    Wurreal Games is based in Headingley, Canada. It is owned, operated, and founded by software and video game developer, AI developer, and author, Alfred Wurr.