Bird Bomb® - How to Play

  • Read below to get tips or learn how to play, or read the story.

    How to Play

    To play, shoot bombs at people knocking them to the ground before they can escape into the protection of nearby buildings. Be sure to collect the presents that appear when they're knocked down to replenish your bombs, and gain more points. Your game is over when too many people escape without being knocked down by your bird bombs. Keep the game going as long as you can and get the highest score that you can. You can compete for bragging rights with friends and other players using Apple's Game Center, as well as earn achievements for hit streaks and more.

  • The Basics

    • Tilt your device left and right to steer.
    • Tilt your device toward you to gain altitude.
    • Tilt your device toward flat position to drop altitude and get closer to your target.
    • To move faster, slide your thumb forward and hold, anywhere on the left-half of the screen.
    • Do a 180 degree switchback reversal by swiping downward anywhere on the left-half of the screen.
    • To drop bombs, tap anywhere on the right-half of the screen.
    • To lose altitude fast, hold your thumb down anywhere on the right-half of the screen.
    • Collect gift boxes by running into them for points and bombs.
    • Drop bombs on gift boxes so they float upward, making them easier to collect.
  • Tips

    • Tap faster to shoot repeatedly, sending a stream of bombs at your enemy.
    • Don't waste too many shots or you'll run out for a few seconds before they regenerate, allowing people to escape you.
    • Try to strafe ahead of targets with a rapid stream of bombs to get a sense of where your bombs will land and work them toward the target.
    • If you're starting to overrun your target, you can slow down and drop altitude faster by holding your thumb down on the fire button.
    • Be careful not to get too low to the ground or a dog might get you, ending your game.
    • Keep an eye out for your hornet buddy. He's your scout and can help you to find people faster.